Moments of Bliss

Moments of Bliss

There is a Green Flash!
By Gunter Hofmann

I had always heard great things about a phenomenon known as the green flash, appearing for a brief moment at sunset, but since I had never managed to see one, I did not believe it really existed. Lois claimed to have seen more than one, but still, I was skeptical. The only Green Flash that I could see with my own eyes was the so-named restaurant on the coast walk of Pacific Beach.

Then I became a believer. We were on our voyage from Niue, called The Rock of Polynesia, to the north Tongan island group of Vava’u as the sun began to set over a calm ocean. The sky was clear of mist and haze. Lois was watching the sunset, as she rarely misses one. Just as the sun’s last sliver was dipping below the horizon, there was a bright emerald flash in the vicinity of the sun. Its brilliance stunned and amazed me. A wave was hiding it, and then in the next moment, the green flash appeared again at the horizon. I have no doubt now; I have experienced double proof. It was another Moment of Bliss to experience this wonder of Nature.

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