The Voyage of Pacific Bliss

The Voyage of Pacific Bliss      By  Jack Lewis    
Jack and Nancy

Beyond the horizon and far away
Where the sea gulls nest and the dolphins play,
Where the mountains kneel to the ocean’s kiss--
There you will find the Pacific Bliss.

 Her sails reach out as the wild winds blow--
And the sea spray splashes across her bow.

From the Southern Cross to the Isle of Wey
Beyond Rangoon and Mandalay,
Around the horn to Tripoli—
The Bliss fulfills her destiny.

Beyond the horizon and far away
Where the rainbows touch the light of day,
Where the moonbeams cling to the edge of night,
And the whitecaps dance in the Northern Lights.

‘Neath a painted sky like a graceful swan,
The Pacific Bliss sails on and on!

On to exotic ports of call,
Where eagles soar as twilight falls,
Where stars abide and comets stream—
The Pacific Bliss pursues her dream.

Beyond the horizon and far away,
Beyond the struggle, beyond the fray,
Through the mist and fog and wind and hail,
The Pacific Bliss, undaunted, sails.

And at the helm her captain stands,
Gazing out towards distant lands!

Mystic lands so far away,
Where saints rejoice and angels pray,
Where the breath of God can never miss
The sail and soul of the Pacific Bliss.

                                               Jack Lewis