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Sailors at Sea Lee and Mary Bakewell, Cruising in a Catana 471 Steve and Linda Dashew cruising the world on Beowolf Linda and Mike leave the California Coast and cruise the world om a Hylas 49 Sloop. The Adventures of the Sailing Vessel Final Straw
Sailors Returned from the Sea Joe and Michele cruising the world on a 48-foot Hans Christian Around the World Voyage of Iwalini, a 42-foot Cutter    Cruising the South Seas on a 31-foot monohull    Three Years, 30,000 miles on a 46-foot Mono Hull
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www.meteo.Fr              Click on Outre Mer, then Polynesie forWeather in French Polynesia    
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My Favorite Place, Voyage Four  
Science                  Global Coral Reef Monitoring
Beaufort Scale and Sea States Definitions of Sea States

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Photography for Fun, Jack Warren did an interview with Lois... do-it-yourself photo greeting cards     16,000 Photo Images  Sailing and diving around the world.

Rallies Darwin, to Kupang, to Bali, to Langkawi Rally Cruising news, pirate alerts, rallies


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Lanier Law Firm Maritime Safety Guide  This maritime safety guide condenses the many rules and regulations ensuring safety across marine waterways.
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