June 9, 2001
At Sea

Magic in the Night, Another Moment of Bliss

By Gunter                 

I had the first night watch from 2100 to midnight and then the early morning watch from 0600 to 0900.  When I started my evening watch, the night was pitch black--no moon, but stars coming out. Suddenly, I saw from the helm station, where I stood watch, green streaks rushing across the seas and coming close to our boat. I could also hear snorting noises. I realized that we were surrounded by a pod of dolphins that created green phosphorescence light as they moved through the water. For quite a while they stayed with the boat and surged back and forth, jumping out of the water, suddenly accelerating and coming very close to my seat. It was very nice to have this display of life in the nature around me, because I had been feeling quite solitary during my watch.

Later on, around 2300, as I sat in the salon facing towards the stern of the boat, I saw a huge golden moon rise slowly above the horizon; it was close to full and it started to illuminate the sea. Close to us was a fellow boat, Emerald Star, visible until now only with her navigation lights. Now, in the moonlight, I could make out the shape of the boat, recognizing its hull and mast, as she glided close to us through the water. The moon painted the surface of the sea silvery with ever-changing patterns, which I never tired to watch from my seat at the helm station.

As the moon passed overhead through its circle, the sun started to rise around 0730 and, until the sun outshone the moon, I had the full moon and the rising sun around me. Such are the moments of bliss, which make you forget the discomfort of stormy seas.








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