June 14, 2001
At Sea, Baja California

Voyage 1 Favorites
By Lois Joy        

As Voyage 1 of Pacific Bliss comes to an end, Gunter and I have been reminiscing about our favorite experiences and our favorite places.   We have come to the conclusion that there cannot be any one answer to the questions: “What is your favorite place?” and “What were your best and worst experiences?”  Each of the following places and experiences were special to us in its own way.  Many of them have been written about in this website’s log and journal section.  Other stories and photos will be posted on the site in the coming months as they are completed.


Favorite Cultural Experiences

    1. The Coming of Age Ceremony in Mamitupu, San Blas islands, Panama
    2. Semana Santa (Easter week) processions in Antigua, Guatemala
    3. Market at Chichicastenago, Guatemalan highlands

Favorite Cities

    1.   Cartagena, Colombia (historic and beautiful)
    2.   Antigua, Guatemala (historic and colorful)
    3.   Tangier, Morocco (most exotic)
    4.   Granada, Spain (the Alhambra: historic and beautiful)
    5.   Tarragona, Spain (historical, Roman amphitheater)

High Adventure

    1. High 53-knot-plus winds off Baranquilla, Colombia: (worst experience, by far)
    2. Transit of the Panama Canal (most exciting)
    3. Hitched to the posts at the sugar factory in Aguadulce (different)
    4. Pan Pan call in Los Roques, Venezuela (Help!)
    5. Crossing the Atlantic Ocean, Cape Verde to St. Lucia in 12 days (spinnaker flying; fun)
    6. Making it safely through the feared Papagayos, Tehuantepec, and Baja Bash (Relief!)

Most Spectacular Views

    1. Santa Antao, Cape Verde mountains
    2. The Rock, Gibraltar
    3. Lake Titlan, Panahachel, Guatemalan Highlands
    4. Overlooking the harbor of Zihuatenejo, Mexico

Favorite Anchorages

    1. Los Roques, Venezuela. (swim to shore from the boat, great snorkeling, wildlife)
    2. Boca Grande, Panama Pacific (we anchored alone, the only boat in the bay for two days, listening      to the sounds of the howler monkeys
    3. San Blas Islands, Hollandes Cays,  Panama Caribbean side
    4. Bahia Tenacacatita, Mexico
    5. Isla Grande, Mexico

Favorite Harbor Towns

    1. Collioure, France
    2. Huatulco, Mexico
    3. Bequia, Grenadines

Favorite Marinas

    1. Paradise Village, Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico (most civilized-everything there)
    2. Barillas Marina, El Salvador (most fun and unique)
    3. Barro Navidad, Mexico (most beautifully landscaped grounds; 5-star hotel)
    4. Malaga, Spain (new, great location)








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