Destination... Bliss

Date: Wed, 23 May 2001 18:00:09 -0700 (PDT)
From: Myrth Ann Grable
Subject: Destination...Bliss

About 27 years ago a little girl was born and given the name of Myrth. Her parents version of the word Mirth meaning happiness and joy. Since the day she was born she has done nothing but seek out
moments of happiness...and try to make as many people as possible live in those moments.

About 2 years ago that little girl met a boy named Rob who had been spending the last twenty something years of his life doing the same thing. The combination has left a trail of laughter ringing so loud
that sometimes its hard to sleep at night because you can't stop remembering...laughing...

In between the laughter they are plotting their escape from the despondency of the corporate life they must rise above everyday to a spot by the sea where laughter isn't an escape...but the air you breathe.

About 3 days ago these kids spent 7 days in a piece of Paradise in Mexico experiencing Moments of Bliss they have deemed supernatural. Now escaping to that spot by the sea isn't enough. They want to lose
it all and gain the life you are supposed to live only a few days out of the year every moment.
About 4 hours ago those same kids found a website called Moments of Bliss and read this:

Moments of Bliss
by Lois Joy
Have you ever experienced a moment in which time itself seems to stop, and you drift into another world driven more          by your senses than your thoughts? It could have occurred in that half-asleep state when you're lying outside on                 your back looking up at the sky, the sun warming your skin, caressed by a gentle breeze. You become lost to the              wonder of cloud formations making animals in the sky--just as you did when you were a child--with all the time in the world.Webster defines bliss as "complete happiness, paradise, heaven."The thesaurus provides synonyms such as ecstasy, joy, rapture, exhilaration, and transport. Yes, sometimes, while traveling, it seems we are indeed transported to another world. In our travels, Gunter and I have encountered many moments of bliss, some of them due to the awesome beauty of nature, and some triggered by the state of our minds at the time.

For the next 100 years I still won't be able to distinguish if that was something you had written or I had written, but definitely something we both experienced, and want to experience again. Rob
and I didn't realize that anyone but us felt that way. I know you understand.

Lois...I am sure you have a million people who want to share your happiness with you, but would you and Gunter humor these two crazy kids? We want to give what you are giving. Would you tell us how you
got to where you are and how we can get there?

Two empathetic souls drowning in their cubes in Atlanta, Georgia
Rob & Myrth

Our Reply

Rob and Myrth:

We sympathize with you drowning in your cubes. We both worked for many years to make our dream possible.  Please do make sure you come up for air!

Meanwhile, you need to think of Bliss as more than a destination. While you two are working toward your long term goal, you need to add some bliss into each day. Carpe diem!  Try taking a joyful walk just as the sun sets, or if you do not have time for that, even examining how a ray of light illuminates the delicate petals of a flowering plant in a window will add a moment of bliss to your day. The important thing is to live in the present.   Fight the temptation to pack more and more into each day.   Allow enough time to think, to reflect and to simply enjoy each other. 

Lois Joy and Gunter