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World Circumnavigation Plan
A letter from Germany
A Taste of the Pacific Arts
State of Origin


Voyages: Click on links for Maps or Schedules

Voyage 1: Canet, France to San Diego, California


Older Maps

Completed June 15, 2001

Voyage 2A: San Diego to the Marquesas, sailing through South Pacific's Polynesian Islands (theTuomotos, Society Islands, Cook Islands, Niue, Tonga and Fiji) wintering in Fiji.(2002)


Schedules Completed Nov.5, 2002

Voyage 2B: Gunkholing around Fiji.

Maps Completed
August 2003

Voyage 3: Continuing from Fiji to the islands of Vanuatu and on to Australia, storing Pacific Bliss in Bundaberg Port Marina for the cyclone season. (2003)


Completed November 2003

Voyage 4: Sailing along the inside of Australia's Great Barrier Reef. (2004)


Completed August 2004

Voyage 5a:  Over the top Australia to Darwin, on to Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, (2005)


Completed November 2005

Voyage 5b Sailing from Malaysia to Thailand. Inland excursions through southeast Asia, Including China and Vietnam Maps Completed September 2006

Voyage 6: Thailand to Sri Lanka, on to the Maldives, Oman, Yemen, on to the Red Sea, Eritrea, Sudan, Egypt, the Suez Canal, Israel and Turkey.


June, 2007

Voyage 7: Voyaging through the Med, e.g. Greece and Italy, for one or two seasons, eventually crossing our outward path at Canet in the south of France near the Spanish border.





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