Voyage 1 Maps
Please keep in mind that some of these images are quite large;
therefore, they will take some time to load.

00. Voyage I Overview Map

01. Perpignan, France to Gibraltar

02. Close Up: Gibraltar

03. Gibraltar to Canary Islands

04. Canary Islands to Cape Verde

05. St. Lucia to Aruba--Stopover: Islas los Roques

06. Close Up: Islas Los Roques

07. Aruba to San Blas

08. Close Up: San Blas Archipelago

09. San Blas through Panama Canal

10. Panama to Golfito, Costa Rica

11. Golfito to Puntarenas, Costa Rica

12. Puntarenas to Cabo Santa Elena, Costa Rica

13. Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala Coast to Salina Cruz, Mexico

14. Salina Cruz to Mazatlan, Mexico

15. Mazatlan, Mexico to San Diego

These maps were exported from Microsoft Encarta World Atlas 2000.