May 7, 2006
Telaga Harbour Marina
Langkawi , Malaysia
Kondo Istana, WaveMaster and Back to Bliss
by Lois Joy
We are docked back at the Telaga Harbour Marina…I gaze at Matchincang, grey and brooding in the clouds, reminding me of one of the many Langkawi Legends…we loved Kondo Estana in Kuah…we leave for China for three weeks…the anticipation is building, with more adventures to come. (More.)
Letter from Langkawi
April 9, 2006 By Lois Joy
It never rains in Southern CA --except when Lois and Gunter need to get to LA to catch an International Flight--then it pours! But Langkawi turns out to be our home away from home …(More)
August 23- September 5, 2005
Bali , Indonesia
Balinese Journal
by Lois Joy
“I want to sell her when we get to Singapore ,” said Gunter on Thursday, when it all happened. For once, I didn't disagree. (More.)

August 18-22, 2005
Rinca to Bali , Indonesia
Passage to Bali
by Lois Joy

The good news: the wind and swells are following Pacific Bliss north up the channel between Bali and Lombok ; the bad news: the current is against us—coming from the north to the south… “At one point I saw eight knots boat speed and 0 SOG ,” says Gunter. “I never ever saw Pacific Bliss make zero knots, with both her engines going full bore.” More.

August 14-18, 2005
Komodo and Rinca , Indonesia
Sailing Indonesia : Komodo and Rinca
By Lois Joy
Pacific Bliss is our magic carpet, carrying us through kingdoms of yore, where dragons scaled those cliffs…Where else on earth, I wonder, can one find such supreme, sublime solitude? More.

August 11-13, 2005
8º 24.6’ S, 121º 01.8’ E
Riung, Flores, Indonesia
Riung Rolls Out the Red Carpet
by Lois Joy

You won’t find Riung in your Lonely Planet, Indonesia; it’s just a poor, backwater fishing village, with thatched-roof houses on stilts leading down to the water’s edge. But it turns out to be a charming place, one that I will long remember for its spontaneous hospitality. . . .

August 3 - 8, 2005
At Anchorage in Kalabahi, Alor, Indonesia
08°13.1980S, 124°30.8765E
Kalabahi: Agro Festival and Anchor Dance
by Lois Joy

The Rally Indonesia yachts arrive in Kalabahi, Alor and are squeezed together in a tight harbor right off the noisy town; the yachts find themselves doing The Anchor Dance as the Agro Festival begins . . . .

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