June 15, 2001
At Sea, 31° 58’  117° 01’   



Ships Log: Bearing of 328°, 8 nm off Ensenada, 26nm to our waypoint between the Coronados and the mainland, and only 40 nm to our waypoint off Point Loma, San Diego.  ETA= 5:30 PST @ an average cruising speed for the last leg of this trip over 6 knots SOG (speed over ground).   ETA at the customs dock of 6:30 PM, where we will need to clear the crew and import Pacific Bliss to the United States.

Coming Home
By Lois Joy

Although we are near Ensenada, we fortunately cleared out of Mexico in Cabo San Lucas, calling our stops in Magdalena Bay and Turtle Bay “rest stops” only. We are happy to approach U.S. waters, the completion of Voyage 1, but in a strange melancholy way, we are sad to be leaving Pacific Bliss.  We will stay overnight on her for the last time tonight-most likely at the customs dock, then plan to berth her at Yachtfinders on Shelter Island Drive, alongside Le Chaton Fou “The Crazy Kitten” a Catana 471. Markus and Sabine, our son and daughter-in-law, will pick us up tomorrow morning to transport us back to our condo. We so look forward to seeing them!

Today, I performed my last duties as net control for our informal “Northbound Net.”  Pacific Bliss is the first of our fleet of northbound cruisers to arrive in San Diego.  Now we will keep in touch by phone rather than SSB. We formed the Northbound Net when we left Barro Navidad, Mexico. Some members dropped out in Puerto Vallarta, where they are spending the hurricane season, and others joined us at Cabo.  We had twelve vessels as part of our net from Cabo San Lucas to San Diego: Finally, Quest, Emerald Star, Reaching Deep, Loon, Unencumbered, Basta, Liberty Call, La Capriole, Scrimshaw, and Sundowner.  Their owners and crews have become part of our new circle of cruising friends. We also look forward to the arrival of Er Nibs in San Diego later in June.

We thank you, our readers, for the comments and suggestions you’ve made to our website.  We plan to add some stories-still unfinished.   We will continue to express our thoughts about cruising through this site whenever we are inspired to do so. Watch this site to learn how our warranty work and improvements to Pacific Bliss are proceeding and when we will schedule Voyage 2.  We still welcome your comments to our Guestbook and Moments of Bliss column! Write us now!








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