November 24, 2000
At Sea, Afternoon, 1600

Rockin', Rollin' and Cookin' Right Along!
By Lois Joy         

Pacific Bliss, I hereby take back every bad word I said the last three days, when you were chuggin' it out, making 1.5 knots against a 20-knot headwind.   My body still feels bruised and battered from the ordeal, but you tried your best. Today, however, was your day to shine! Proudly flying your spinnaker of many colors, making 8-10 knots in a 15-18 knot breeze on a beam reach, you showed us what a splendid cruisin' Cat can do.  With the long, rolling waves of the Atlantic sweeping under the wind-generated wavelets and whitecaps, you rocked and rolled us into bliss.  Even the sun came out from behind a cloudy morning to greet you in all your splendor.   Your crew lolled and jumped on the trampoline and wondrously took it all in.  You are cookin' along to the Islas de Canaries and your B&G says that we just may make it Sunday morning. Give me more days like this, and I can sail with you across the big pond just fine!

November 24, 2000
At Sea, Night Watch, 2300

As the night fell upon us, we reluctantly took down your spinnaker.  We were forced to rein you in for the safety of your nightriders.  Yet you continue to gallop onward, your sixty-foot high main and Genoa stretching to reach the stars.  As the wind pushes you on from your right rear flank, it flattens your whitened wings, trimmed for racing to the Canaries.  You are a winged stallion, galloping through the night, flying between the sea and the heavens, touching them both, but belonging to neither. Will you stay on the planet or will you rise up into the stars as Orion?  Please stay with us.  We like you now.

Over and out.

More text and photos to come.






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