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Photo Gallery
Voyage 6. Crossing the Bay of Bengal to Sri Lanka, crossing the Indian Ocean to the Maldives and Oman, up the Red Sea to Yemen, Eritrea, Egypt and on to Israel and Turkey.
Thailand Red Sea Anchorages
     Elephant Gallery      Boredom is blessed
     Similan Islands      Red Sea Passages and Anchorages
Sri Lanka   Sudan  
     Sri Lanka Interior and Highlands       Suakin
     Galle and Southern Coastal Area       Port Sudan 
Maldives   Egypt    
     Uligan       Abu Tig Region
         Cairo, Giza and the Pyramids 
Oman Suez Canal Region 
     Camel Photogallery Israel
     Salalah Region Turkey  
Yemen    Finike Marina  
     Sana'a     Maramis