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Note that this is an archival site covering the Hofmannís 2000-2008 circumnavigation. For current information about Loisís books, author events, and activities please go to

We have enjoyed your participation immensely throughout the years, so we are keeping this website intact with all the logs and photos.  You can still click on the Journal to follow stories our seven voyages.  Click on Circumnavigation to view photos and interactive maps of each voyage. Follow Gunter's mechanical trials and tribulations in his Messing with Boats series as he attempts to keep Pacific Bliss in tip-top shape. Live with us vicariously as we enjoy Moments of Bliss

Since we returned from our circumnavigation, Lois has written a nautical trilogy: “In Search of Adventure and Moments of Bliss.” Her first book,
Maiden Voyage was released in 2010 and her second book, Sailing the South Pacific, in 2012. Her third book, The Long Way Back, was introduced in 2017. Each book won First Place, Travel, in the San Diego book awards.

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Lois Joy Hofmann retired after a 35-year career in advertising, marketing, and management. Then she sailed around the world with her husband, Günter, for eight years, visiting 62 countries. Read More