Title Author Date Location Extras

Our Final Day Sail on Pacific Bliss

by Lois Joy September 10, 2008 Canet, France  
The Big Bash by Lois Joy September 17, 2008
St. Cyprien, France  


Closing the Loop

By Lois Joy August 28, 2008 Canet, France 42º 41.9830N, 3º 04.1110E


Night of the Nets: Passage to Italy

by Lois Joy July 11-13, 2008 Italy  

Island Hopping across the Aegean from Turkey to Greece, Part II

by Lois Joy June 4 – June 18, 2008 Porto Rafti, Greece  

Island Hopping across the Aegean from Turkey to Greece

by Lois Joy June 4 – June 19, 2008 Porto Rafti, Greece  

Magical Cappadocia

By Lois Joy June 1, 2008 Cesme, Turkey  

Culinary Cruising: Sailing the Turkish Southwestern Coast

By Lois Joy May 8-14, 2008 Marmaris—Bodrum  

Touring along the Southeastern Turkish Coast

by Lois Joy April 27, 2008 Marmaris Yacht Marina, Turkey  

Tiptoeing through the Tulips

by Lois Joy April 6, 2008 Istanbul, Turkey  

A Mock Global Warming Debate

By Lois Joy March 27, 2008 San Diego, California  

The Enlightened Environmentalist

by Lois Joy February 29, 2007 San Diego, California  

Messing with Boats, Part IX

by Gunter February 22, 2008 San Diego, California  

Coral Mining in the Maldives

by Lois Joy February 14-18, 2007 Uligan Island, The Maldives  

Snapshots of Sudtirol

by Lois Joy September/October, 2007 Trentino-Alto Aldige, Italy  
My First Oktoberfest by Lois Joy September 26, 2007 Munich, Germany  
A Special Corner of the World by Lois Joy September 19, 2007 Bodensee, Germany  
Back in San Diego after our Voyage Six
Messing with Boats Part VIII : Lessons Learned
by Gunter August 22, 2007 San Diego  
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