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Marinas of the Eastern Med: Ashkelon, Finike, and Marmaris Yacht-Marine

by Lois Joy June 11, 2007 Marmaris Yacht-Marine, Turkey
36º49.2 N, 28º18.4 E


Sights and Sounds of Ashkelon.

by Lois Joy May 29, 2007
31 41 N, 34 33E
Ashkelon Marina, Israel


Pacific Bliss Transits the Suez Canal

by Lois Joy May 16-21, 2007 Suez Canal  
Arrival in Yachtie Paradise
by Lois Joy April 17/18, 2007 Abu Tig Marina, El Gouna, Egypt  
Boredom is Blessed: Passage to Egypt
by Lois Joy April 6-15, 2007    
Letter from Pacific Bliss in Suakin, Sudan by Lois Joy April 4, 2007 Suakin, Sudan  
Taking Refuge at Sheikh El Abu Island by Lois Joy March 28, 2007 The Red Sea  
Forty-eight Hours in Massawa By Lois Joy March 26, 2007 Anchored in Port Massawa, Eritrea  
The Countries of the Red Sea By Lois Joy Sunday, March 25, 2007 Massawa, Eritea, Africa  
The Qat  Chewers of Yemen By Lois Joy March 2007
Aden, Yemen  
Passage to Where? By Lois Joy March 21-24, 2007    
Passage through Pirate Alley by Lois Joy March 7, 2007 - March?    
Passage to Oman by Lois Joy February 18, 2007    
An Unplanned Stop in Sri Lanka, the Land of Serendip By Lois Joy February 9, 2007 06º 01N, 80º13E
Galle, Sri Lanka
A Strange Sight By Lois Joy January 27th, Saturday    
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