Title Author Date Location Extras
Memories of Burma/Myanmar Part II By Lois Joy December 26-30th, 2006 Yangon, Myanmar  
Memories of Burma/Myanmar By Lois Joy December 26-30th, 2006 Yangon, Myanmar  
Season’s Greetings from Phuket, Thailand   December 23, 2006 Phuket, Thailand  
Searching for an American Thanksgiving in Phuket
by Lois Joy November 24, 2006 Phuket, Thailand  
Passage to Phuket: A PhotoJournal By Lois Joy November 4-13, 2006 Telaga and Kuah, Malaysia to Phuket, Thailand  
Flatlining vs. Living on the Edge by Lois Joy September 10, 2006 San Diego, CA USA  
Looking Back on China and Viet Nam : I Miss America ! By Lois Joy June 20, 2006 Langkawi , Malaysia  
No Grudges toward Americans by Lois Joy June 2006 Vietnam: Doi Moi and the National Psyche  
Kondo Istana, WaveMaster and Back to Bliss by Lois Joy May 7, 2006 Langkawi , Malaysia  
Letter from Langkawi By Lois Joy April 9, 2006 Southern CA  
Life in Langkawi
By Lois Joy October 31, 2005 Langkawi Marina , Malaysia  

A Day of Bliss in Langkawi

By Lois Joy October 20, 2005 Telaga Harbour Marina, Langkawi , Malaysia
06º 22' N, 99º 41' E

Historic Melaka—The Soul of Malaysia

By Lois Joy October 7, 2005 Melaka, Malaysia  

Passage to Singapore

by Lois Joy September 9, 2005 Part 1: Birthdays at Sea
Part 2: Pirates and Pennzoil
Part 3: Crossing the Equator
Part 4: The Singapore Straits
Part 5: Welcome to Raffles!

Voyage 5
Messing with Boats- Part VI
By Gunter August 30, 2005 Ubud, Bali, Indonesia  
Balinese Journal by Lois Joy August 23- September 5, 2005 Bali , Indonesia  
Passage to Bali by Lois Joy August 18-22, 2005 Rinca to Bali , Indonesia  
Sailing Indonesia : Komodo and Rinca By Lois Joy August 14-18, 2005 Komodo and Rinca , Indonesia  
Riung Rolls Out the Red Carpet by Lois Joy August 11-13, 2005 Riung, Flores, Indonesia
8º 24.6’ S, 121º 01.8’ E

The Moods of Kelimutu
  August 10, 2005 At anchor in front of Sea World Hotel and Dive Resort
Near Maumere, Flores, Indonesia
08º 38.11S, 122º18.52E
Kalabahi: Agro Festival and Anchor Dance
by Lois Joy August 3 - 8, 2005 Anchorage in Kalabahi, Alor, Indonesia
08°13.1980S, 124°30.8765E
Jumpin’ Crocs
By Lois Joy July 17, 2005 The Adelaide River near Darwin, Australia  

By Lois Joy July 8, 2005 Darwin  

MacKay to Cairns Australia

By Ret Ekdahl   100 Magic Miles, Great Barrier Reef
16 55. 038S
145 46. 9028E
Letter #2, Voyage 5
Dearest Friends and Rellies

July 3, 2005 Anchored at: 12º 11.76 S, 136º 42.23 E
Gove, New Territory , Australia
The Night of the Cane Toad Queen By Lois Joy June 6, 2055 Cairns , Queensland , Australia
Letter 1 from Voyage 5 By Lois Joy May 22, 2005 Mackay Marina, Queensland, Australia  

Down the Creek
By Lois Joy May 8, 2005 Mackay Marina
Queensland, Australia

My Favorite Place

By Lois Joy March 5, 2005 San Diego, CA

Up the Creek and on the Hard…
Watching out for Red Eyes

By Lois Joy August 19, 2004 Mackay, Queensland, Australia  
Log and Journal