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Cruising the Curtis Coast

By Lois Joy June 11, 2004 23°49.8’S, 151°14.62E
Gladstone Marina, Queensland, Australia

The Town that Wasn’t and the Hounds who Wouldn’t

By Lois Joy May 24, 2004 MidTown Marinas, Bundaberg  

Messing with Boats - Part V

By Gunter May 28, 2004 MidTown Marina, Bundaberg, Australia  
Barnacle Bliss
By Lois Joy May 7, 2004 MidTown Marina, Bundaberg  

Back to Bundy and Bliss

By Lois Joy May 1, 2004 Port Bundaberg Marina  
Blatant Bribery

By Lois Joy November 2, 2003 24° 45’S, 152° 23’E
Bundaberg, Australia
Pacific Bliss in the Land of Oz
By Lois Joy October 28, 2003 At anchor in the Burnett River
(across from the Port Bundaberg Marina Quarantine Dock)
24 45 S, 152 23 E

Night Watch
By Lois Joy October 26, 2003 En route to Bundaberg on the Port2Port Rally
20 42 S, 155 26 E
Touched by the Ni-Vanuatu of Waterfall Bay
By Lois Joy September 19, 2003 13°49.583S, 167°22.994E
Waterfall Bay, Vanua Lava, The Banks Islands, Vanuatu
Voyage to Vanuatu
By Lois Joy August 23, 2003 Port Vila,
17°44’ S, 168°18E
Log and Journal