Log and Journal

Date: May 31, 2001 (Nuevo, Puerto Vallarta)
Paradise Village Marina -Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico
Title: Hurricane Adolph is Dying by Lois Joy

Yes, we now realize that most of you in the States did not even know Adolph was alive and kicking. That’s the U.S. media for you. If a hurricane in another country is not causing tremendous coastal damage or loss of life, it is not worth a mention, no matter how ferocious he or she might be at sea. Only insurance companies care, it appears. Ours does not cover Pacific Bliss after June 1 for damage due to a “named or numbered” tropical storm.

Today--knock on wood--Pacific Bliss, with Stu and Sharon Richardson as crew, will head out for Cabo San Lucas once again. Buddy Boats Quest and Finally plan to go today as well. We have been at port here far too long. Last night, the crews of all three boats returned from our inland “Escape Adolph” tour to find the dock B&C cruisers’ networking party in progress for the third time. We had arrived on a Wednesday afternoon and had been invited to the weekly party here within hours. Gunter turned to me and said, “This means we beginning our third week here.”

I said, “We can’t let this happen. I am not attending another party. I’m heading directly to the internet café before it closes at 9:00. There’s no rain and winds here as forecasted-no boats battened down expecting a blow. This air is humid and still. We need to find out what is going on. Perhaps Adolph is not coming after all.”

If you are so inclined, you can also follow Adolph on the internet as well. Merely go to weather.com, click on Mexico, click on Cabo San Lucas to find the weather at our next port of call. Or you can go to the NOAA site and enter a discussion on unpredictable Hurricane Adolph who messed up our plans for quite some time here.

We have some great photos of our respective crews touring the city of Tepic, some ancient ruins (now restored and charged for), and an inland crater-formed lake. We’ll try to send these from Cabo. Right now, we need to “get outta here.” Life has been too good here; we are gaining back the weight we had lost cruising and getting soft and lazy. It’s time to meet the elements!