April 23, 2001
Huatulco, Mexico

Greetings from Mexico!    



Pacific Bliss is anchored here with its two “buddy boats”, Makoko and Finally, having safely crossed the much-feared Gulf of Tehuantepec from our last anchorage at Puerto Madero. We never saw winds over 18 knots, and had a magnificent sail for a five hours on Saturday. The rest of the time, we motored across fairly benign seas. We are all thankful to have that hurdle behind us.

Gunter and I are happy to be on our way up the coast of Mexico.  California, here we come! 

This is a delightful little tourist area, with restaurants and shops on the beach.  It is a protected anchorage area with a gentle breeze blowing that is keeping us cooler than we have been in a long time.  We do not miss the oppressive tropical heat and humidity we have experienced and we trust that this is the end of it.   We also do not miss being stuck in dirty, industrial harbors such as Puerto Quetzal and Puerto Madero.  Here, we can even swim in the water! 

We had a nice time on shore yesterday, and did not mind a little civilization.  A band was playing as we enjoyed our lunch.  Our little trio of northbound yachts is safe and well.

The crews of Makoko, Finally and Pacific Bliss in Huatulco.

The chapel where thanked God for our safe crossing of the Tehuantepec.

Baby on Board! Maureen and little Laurent.




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