Date: February 16, 2001 Entrance to Panama Canal Location: 
Panama Canal Zone
Greetings from from the Panama Canal Zone!

By Lois Joy     

We are finally here, at the crossroads of the Atlantic and the Pacific. Soon Pacific Bliss can live up to part of her name "Pacific". As for the "Bliss"  part, Phyllis is now saying that the definition of bliss is a gentle Force 4  wind and a calm anchorage.  We haven't seen too much of either recently.  The gale force warnings in the Cartagena and San Blas areas are finally diminishing tonight.  Fortunately for us, we found an opening with only Force  6, gusting to 7, and used those two days to transit to the Canal Zone.  Many  yachts are holed up in the San Blas, waiting for calmer weather.  There is not much of a line-up for the Canal transit, so we expect to transit already on Sunday.  You can watch the transit through the Milaflores locks by keeping your screen on where  they photograph each yacht and freighter going through.  If anyone catches  Pacific Bliss, please download it and email to me.  We'd appreciate it.  More to follow.



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