Photogallery Lau Group

DSCN5723 Flying into Lau at Sunrise

Flying into Lau at Sunrise.jpg

DSCN5740 Landing in Lau

Landing in Lau.jpg

DSCN5743 Our Accommodations

Our Accommodations.jpg

DSCN5744 The Main Highway

The Main Highway.jpg

DSCN5748 Tongan Church in Lau

Tongan Church in Lau.jpg

DSCN5750 Church is Out

Church is Out.jpg

DSCN5755 Home with Tongan Influence

Home with Tongan Influence.jpg

DSCN5756 Kids


DSCN5777 Island View from Lomaloma
Island View from Lomaloma.jpg

DSCN5787 Sunset at Low Tide

Sunset at Low Tide.jpg

DSCN5792 Children Coloring

Children Coloring.jpg


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